Pack Information

We offer two types of Myanmar Cast video packs.


1. "Unlimited Internet and A Wa Kyi Video Pack"

Connect to Myanmar Net from all your personal Wi-Fi devices and add “Username’ and “Password” from the Myanmar Cast Local Streaming Scratch Card.This pack is also available on the Myanmar Net App. Follow the below instructions:

  • Purchase the pack from Myanmar Net’s stores and resellers in Yangon and Mandalay
  • Gain access to 16 Mbps speeds on the first 150-MB of data each day; then 1 Mbps speeds of unlimited data. Daily quota resets at midnight.
  • Watch unlimited videos
Plan Price Valid 16 Mbps Speed Speed after Daily Quota
2,000 Ks 11 Days 150 MB Daily Data Quota 1 Mbps
Myanmar Cast card

2. "Video-only packs (without internet)"

  • Available on Myanmar Net App
  • Watch unlimited videos
Plan Price Validity
1,000 Ks 30 Days